Official ambassadors

We are growing! Do you like fashion and beauty pageants? We are an international online pageant and we need representation in many countries. You can now join the team, be an official ambassador and earn money with us.

What is an ambassador?

An official ambassador is a person who advises other people, explains how the online pageant works online and charges money to get new candidates. They can get candidates from any country, male or female and any category: Miss, Mrs. Lady, Mr or Plus-size.

How can I find candidates?

It is very very simple. There are different ways: You can publish your official images of the pageant on your social networks and contact interested people. You can also get deals with photographers or modeling agencies to reach potential new candidates. Check it out to our tips. You will earn 30% of the total! The organization will send you photomontages so that you can share on your social networks.

Can I create my own work team?

Yes! You can get agreements with others like photographers, modeling agencies... And even you can name other "sub-ambassadors". So, they can get more candidates and you share the commission as you agree. You will be the boss of your team and you will manage it. If you need it, you can also ask to make photomontages for your sub-ambassadors.

What powers do I have?

As ambassador, you have the following:

- You can get candidates and charge 30% for each one.
- You can get candidates from anywhere (No exclusivity)
- You can collect the money from the candidate and then send it to the organization
- With you, candidates can pay 50% to reserve the title and the rest later. You will manage it
- You can create a team of ambassadors and manage it. So, you will earn more money

How to start?

Contact us on instagram (@missmrperfectoftheyear) and we will tell you how to start. You will have to read about our program and awards. By instagram you have to send us your best photo and we will create an image for you. So you can promote the pageant on social networks and start earning money.


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