How to be successful

Winning a crown is not easy. You have to be the best among many opponents. But you can get it. How? Here we reveal some secrets and tips to follow:

Advertise about yourself

It is very important that people get to know you. If you know a lot of people, a lot of people will follow you and you will get a lot of votes. This is very important to get very far. How do you reach a lot of people? Follow the tips.

Post good photos and videos on your social networks

When you participate in Miss & amp; Mr. Perfect of the year © , many photos and videos about you will be published on the social networks of the pageant. Take advantage of this opportunity and share all the content about yourself. Show yourself on social media and let people know that you are participating. Don't forget to tag and mention the pageant so everyone can see you.

The jury will be pending

The jury sees everything. They are always waiting to see all the content of the candidates. Take advantage of this and give your content a lot of visibility on social networks. Get noticed, be seen!

Show your personal page to everyone

At the Miss & amp; Mr. Perfect of the year © you will have your own personal section within the official website just for you. You will have a custom link where all your posts will be displayed. Copy this link and use it to attract a lot of votes.

Edit the biography of your social networks

In all your social networks, add the link of your personal section on the website. That way, everyone will know where to go to vote for you. Also, you can mention the pageant in the descriptive text. For example: "Fighting for the crown in @missmrperfectoftheyear" or simply "Miss Spain in @missmrperfectoftheyear"

Post frequently on your social networks

Don't let people forget that you are competing. So you will receive more votes from your family and friends. Tag or frequently mention the pageant on your social networks in photos, videos, stories, etc. For the awards, the pageant organization will value if the candidates are proactive and involved with the competition.

Share your link through Whatsapp / Telegram

A very fast and easy way to get votes is to copy the link of your personal section on the website and share it through WhatsApp or Telegram. Contact your family and friends and ask them to vote for you. And also, that they share your link to also reach their family and friends.

Misses tips

The people who have won the crown are the ones who can best advise us. Read some of their tips.

April Tobie, Miss Honduras 2017

I take skin care very seriously. I try to use a coffee and milk infused mask every other day. When you apply coffee to your skin, it has the same stimulating properties that it produces in the body. This mask improves circulation and improves the appearance of the skin, which makes you look younger.

Isel Suñiga, Miss Guatemala 2017

Always smile and keep your best attitude. This allows you to be confident and makes you feel more secure about yourself. I am always taking care of my skin, especially my face. I sleep 8 hours and I always have yogurt on hand to hydrate my skin and, of course, olive oil and avocado for my hair.

Chanelle de Lau, Miss Curacao 2016

Hydrates and provides your skin with the necessary nutrients to ensure a healthy glow 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is as close to a fountain of youth as we can get!

Keisy Sayago, Miss Venezuela 2017

When you show how beautiful you are inside, it is reflected in your outward appearance. People always think that beauty secrets are on the outside, but no matter what happens, if you always keep a positive attitude, keep smiling and glowing, then what you feel on the inside will reflect all the time.

English pronunciation

English pronunciation is one of the most difficult points to achieve the level of English of a true native, and for speakers of Romance languages ​​even more, accustomed to a literal pronunciation. Changes in English pronunciation confuse us and make more than one frustrated with the Anglo-Saxon language. A very simple trick to practice is to copy the text that we want to pronounce well in Google Translator. And then, click on the "Listen" icon. So we can practice English and our pronunciation.

Trust you!

A key element to winning a beauty pageant is having confidence in yourself. You need to feel confident in all aspects of your life. This confidence is displayed during the various stages of a contest. For example, when you feel comfortable in your evening dress or bathing suit, you walk better and smile more. If you are comfortable with your talent, you will put on a better show. Work on self-confidence every day through positive thinking and accepting your imperfections.

A good wardrobe

A big part of a beauty pageant is dealing with the costumes. You need appropriate outfits for the entire contest. Choose dresses and swimsuits that show your natural beauty. Do not choose clothes that are too revealing or that do not flatter your figure. What you wear during the contest is closely watched by the judges. Shoes are also part of the outfit for the beauty pageant. You should have shoes that allow you to walk without looking uncomfortable. Choose your shoes and wear them to walk as far in advance as possible.

Don't be afraid of speech

A beauty pageant isn't just about physical beauty. Judges also evaluate intelligence. The jury looks for focused women with inner and outer beauty. Show the judges your intelligence by working on your speech. When you are fake, others can notice them. Using your personal experiences also gives the judges a general idea about you, which makes you more endearing.

Show your best talent

Beauty pageants give you the opportunity to show off your talent. Whether you sing, dance or do magic tricks, you must have your act prepared to perfection before attempting it on stage. Work on your talent well in advance of the contest. Use trainers and practice whenever possible. When you feel comfortable with your act, you reduce the chances of being wrong during this stage of the contest.

Photography tips

The way the photos are taken is essential. It is very important to take care of all the details. In this way, we can get the best out of ourselves. Here we present you some tricks.

Use natural light for your photos

Try using natural or ambient light instead of the flash. If the light is abundant and it is also diffuse, you will obtain a very pleasant image. In general, for portraits and photos of objects, avoid direct sun, because it produces very harsh and unpleasant shadows.

Clean the camera lens

This may seem silly, but it is not. The normal thing is that the lens of the mobile is dirty with dust and grease from the fingers, which will make the photos appear hazy, lack of sharpness and strange reflections. To clean it you can use a chamois for glasses or a tissue

Never zoom (if it's not optical)

As we said at the beginning, multiple cameras have brought very versatile zooms, but many times we are not clear about the optical zoom (the real one that the lens achieves, without enlarging by software). Always avoid digital zoom and stick with the optical one offered by your mobile, otherwise we will only lose quality. In the case that the device has a fairly wide resolution, it is best to shoot the normal photo and then crop.

Do not use the effects or filters that your mobile has

Always shoot in normal mode and thus save the original photo. Then apply to that original photo the filters or effects you want, whether they are those that your mobile brings or those that you have with a photo editing app. Once you get the effect you want, save the image without deleting the original so you can always try other filters.

Avoid using the mobile flash

The LED flash that is built into most mobiles produces a too harsh light that generates very marked shadows and will rarely be useful, so avoid using it as much as possible, and if you do it, it is because there is no no choice.

The grid is your friend

Composition is another key aspect of a good photo and with the grid it is easier to adjust the scene, for example when taking a photo of the body of a person. A sloping horizon can spoil a precious photo, which is why having a guide is important. Most mobiles and cameras have the grid option, navigate between the menus and activate it.

Symmetry as a resource

If the scene we are going to photograph lends itself, symmetries always give very good results. But yes, you have to make sure that it is totally balanced since otherwise the effect will not work.

Take advantage of perspective

Front shots are fine, but in many cases they are boring. Playing with perspective is a very interesting resource to explore when taking photos with your mobile since they create visual tours within the composition itself and give a sense of depth.


If we analyze all the photos we take with the mobile, surely the vast majority of us shoot them standing with the mobile at eye level. But if we always shoot the photos from the same point of view, it will be difficult to achieve different results. Something as simple as crouching at ground level can turn a fairly classic photo into a much more interesting shot.

You don't have to center everything

We were talking about how a balanced and symmetrical composition can be a very interesting resource, but it is not always the best option. We often tend to place the object or subject photographed in the center of the composition, but there are many cases in which it is more interesting to move that center.

Photo editors

We have talked about achieving balanced compositions, but there are times when, because of a rush or because we don't pay too much attention, the image comes out crooked. But it's nothing that we can't fix with an editing app. The range of apps for editing photos is huge and, in addition to retouching the color or exposure, they also allow us to adjust the frame to achieve a more balanced and stable composition.

Take lots of photos

We rarely get the perfect shot the first time, so it's best to be patient and explore your options. Then we can entertain ourselves in reviewing all the takes until we find the one that has come out the best. They say that Rome was not built in a day and, to take a good photo, although we will not need days, it is important to shoot and shoot until we achieve the desired result.


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