How to get candidates

There are many ways to reach a lot of people to get beauty pageant registrations and earn money. We bring you here some of our tips:

First your direct contacts

You can start with your contacts. Surely there are people you know who want to participate in the international pageant. Speak directly with them and explain that you are an official ambassador of the contest. They are sure to be very interested and want to know more.

Contact your followers

The social networks are very very powerful. You can reach a lot of people quickly without any effort. We all have followers on social media. Post your official photo as an ambassador. You can make a post or a story for example. Mention the beauty pageant (@missmrperfectoftheyear) and explain what you do. Many people will write to ask you.

Search for profiles on social networks

You can also expand your network of contacts. Our network always has its limits. And in the world of fashion and beauty it is always very interesting to meet more people and make new contacts. What sectors to look for? Keep reading the following tips.

Modeling agencies

Do you know modeling agencies? You can contact them. This is a very good opportunity. Model agencies always want their models to grow and do new things. An international beauty pageant is perfect for them! Thus, your models will gain experience and win prizes. This is more reputation for the agency and for the models. Thus, they get more jobs. Everybody wins! You can speak with them physically, contact an agency you know through social networks or even contact new agencies and propose to participate in the contest. If you manage to close a deal with an agency, you can get many sales at once!


Do you know any models? Get in touch! A model always wants to grow and gain reputation and experience. That will help you get more jobs and earn more. Explain that what he / she needs is to win an international crown. If you know a model, surely he / she knows more. Tell him to help you talk to them. Don't you know any models? Nothing happens, you can get new contacts through social networks. You can contact them and then offer to participate.

Photographers, designers ...

There are many people who are in the world of fashion and beauty. And they usually know a lot of models. Try to reach agreements with them so that they know you and get to sell. If you get some deals, you will get a lot of sales for sure! You can also contact photographers through social networks, for example, so closing agreements.

Missologists and pageant coachs

They are always in contact with people from the world of beauty and pageants. If you know any, they are perfect. If not, nothing happens. You can search for social networks and contact many of them. Close an agreement and get many registrations!

Local beauty pageants

Typically, candidates who participate in international beauty pageants come from local beauty pageants. This is a good opportunity, they are candidates who know how it works and it is very likely that they want to participate in an international competition. If you don't know any, search through networks. There are many beauty pageants around the world!


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