Jury rules

The jury has the difficult task of scoring the candidates. Each jury has to rate the posts of each candidate from 1 to 10. 1 is the lowest score and 10 is the highest. The posts will be published on social networks and on the website according to the dates of schedule.

What features to check?

To score, you have to check many features. For example: style, elegance, oral expresion, siluet, originality, charisma, talent show, face, body, height, weight, runway, photo / video quality, clothing, etc. It is also important to check if the candidate meets the requirements of each step of the program. If you do not comply, you will be penalized in the score. Finally, when everything is checked, the candidate is scored.

Where to see the steps of the candidates

All candidates will be shown through all our social networks and the "lookbook" on our official website.

Scoring instructions

The way to score is very simple. Each candidate must be scored at each step of the program. A simple example of how to score:

Step 1: Presentation photo

Candidate 1: 8
Candidate 2: 6
Candidate 3: 9

Step 2: Presentation video

Candidate 1: 7
Candidate 2: 5
Candidate 3: 9

What steps of the program must be scored?

Step "1.- Presentation photo" and "7.- Video parading in evening dress" do not count for scoring. The rest of the steps yes.

In the Preliminary ranking 1 the following steps will be scored:
2.- Presentation video
3.- Swimsuit photo
4.- Video parading in swimsuit

In the Preliminary ranking 2 the following steps will be scored:
5.- Talent show
6.- Evening dress photo

Dates to submit scores

There are two key dates:

Preliminary ranking 1 (Fri, 2 July 2021)
Preliminary ranking 2 (Sat, 10 July 2021)

The key dates are published in the schedule . Each jury has to send the scores two days before each key date by direct message on Instagram.

Behavior codes and norms

The jury will be presented before the start of the pageant with a photo, initials of the name and a short description (20 words approx.). The integrity and privacy of the jury will be ensured. This is to try to prevent anyone from contacting the jury and influencing their score.

It is forbidden to contact the candidates or any other person related to them during the pageant. As well as revealing scores, impressions or providing relevant information to candidates or related parties. It is also forbidden to contact the candidates for profit, collaboration or professional purposes without prior authorization from the organization of the pageant.

The transparency and professionalism is very important to us. We have to guarantee maximum transparency and that the scores cannot be modified. For this, each member of the jury will receive a copy of the scores. In this way, it is impossible to modify the scores because all copies have to match. This is similar to the blockchain security system.

Access to score the preliminary rankings

You can score the preliminary ranking 1 here:

Preliminary ranking 1

You can score the preliminary ranking 2 here:

Preliminary ranking 2

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